About Us


We are down to earth people that are passionate about helping other people. Joel Erb and his wife Joylyn Erb met in Africa while they were in Kenya doing mission and Aid. 


Justin and Joel meet in the northern part of Saskatchewan in Pelican Narrows. Joel was working as a recreation coordinator and a pastor for the community and Justin Jardine was work as an RCMP member serving to help the community.


Both Justin and Joel with there wives Maggie and Joylyn have big hearts for the last, the least and the lost and hold this a core value. This value drives them in business so that they can help more people in need.


In 2018 they launched there first company together Playtime Solutions Inc. in partnership with Playquest. This has been a very successful company that continues to grow.

Justin and Joel both have a passion for business and have a great deal of experience in pioneering new ventures. Before building Playtime Solutions together in 2018 Joel and Justing both had a great deal of experience managing organizations. 

Joel has built one international non-profit corporation that is thriving today. Joel and Joylyn also built another national nonprofit corporation.

Justin has managed a multi-million dollar company in his home province of BC before moving to  Sask.  Maggie Jardin has her own International company that is thriving in Mexico.