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Available Rebates 


in Saskatchewan or Manitoba, there has never been a better time to go solar. Starting right now, the Federal government has launched a program to help fight climate change under the Climate Action Incentive Fund. The CAIF fund provides a refund of up to 25% on all energy-saving equipment. This fund helps makes solar even more affordable

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What you get back

Check out SaskPower's Net Metering Program and federal tax breaks for going solar!

Net Metering

Make your own power and use it to lower your power bill.

If you make more power than you can use, your credit will carry over to the next month's bill. It's important to size your system appropriately, as credits can only be applied against your energy charge and will not be paid out.

Free estimate

If you own a business or are a homeowner, our team of experts will quickly put together a quote for you and send you an estimate for your home or business. You will receive a full info pack including a 3D design for the solar install.

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