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 Solar Power - The Way Forward

Tired of paying power bills? Having your own solar system means taking control of your future.  By installing a solar system, you move away from paying for power and start to create your own.  Our goal as a company is to take your current power bill and turn it into your solar system payment bill, meaning no change in monthly expenses to get a solar system installed.

Easy Solar Transition

We help you every step of the way to make the process as simple as possible. Our team of experts will custom engineer a system for your home or business that will produce the power you need.

Get Started Today

Simply email us at with your average monthly power bill and we will put together a quote for you, free of charge. Next, we will set up a meeting to engineer a system specifically for your home or business.



Economical solar systems built and designed by professionals.

Welcome to Sol Energy, your local Saskatchewan solar company. We are a family run business that treats you like family. Not only do we have the best customer service in the industry, we also have the best prices on the market. We are the one-stop-shop for all your solar equipment needs. We specialize in designing and installing custom solar systems. We also offer in-home financing to make the process as simple as possible. Our company is built on integrity and we take care of our customers.

Products We Offer

Sol Energy offers the best products in the industry. We design each system specific to your needs and can offer specific brands based on your preference. We always recommend brands that have the best warranty in the industry while not compromising on affordability. Our grid-tied systems include panels like LG, HES, SunPower,  and Canadian Solar.


Custom Engineering

Our team designs a system specifically for you. We share all our expertise with you and answer every question.


Installed By Professionals

Warranty on all installs. We stand behind our work.


Off-Grid Systems

Create huge savings when you eliminate the cost of fuel for generators by installing a battery off-grid system. 


We are constantly on the hunt to find new and innovative technologies and designs to incorporate into our solar systems. We provide our customers with the best solar systems on the market. We also offer automated home systems like the "Nest" which automates your entire home. This can be bundled into your home solar payment plan. 

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Melfort SK, S0E1A0



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